I have known Mark Schneider, the creator of Artunes for about 30 years now. During my time at QVC, Mark was responsible for the creation, manufacturing and marketing of some of the channels most successful items airing in the US and abroad. He is a committed entrepreneur who is involved from concept to creation and beyond.
Sean Treacy
Former Vice President, QVC
If you know Mark Schneider’s background like I do for over 20 years, Jump In. All I can say is, he is the real deal. I give Mark the credit for being the impetus of my ELF marketing system. He may be the single best developer of consumer products I have ever met and has produced so many of them I lost track. He is also a Great Friend.
Joe Polish
Founder, The Genius Network
“I have had the pleasure to work with Frank Montemurro for over 20 years. He has an exceptional eye for finding new products and brands. Under his guidance frequently new items are turned into blockbusters often setting corporate records and perennial performers. It is Frank's ability to help bring a brand story and product demonstration alive on air and his respectful approach working with cross functional teams that translates concepts into strong sales performance. Frank would be an asset for anyone looking to find a partner to help develop and manage a sales and marketing strategy."
Michael Henry
Former SVP Merchandising, HSN and Chief Merchandising Officer, Evine (now ShopHQ)
I had the great pleasure to work with Frank Montemurro while I was at Group Clarins USA as the Senior Vice President of Marketing. With Frank’s deep knowledge of the direct to consumer Channel, HSN, we were able to build a successful incremental revenue stream. Frank’s great partnership made for an enjoyable working relationship and the learning garnered during our time together has lasted throughout my career."
Caroline Fabrigas
Former Group Clarins USA, Senior Vice President of Marketing, JS&S
( founder 800 # for marketing and worlds best copywriter)
“ I met Mark Schneider in 1992 when he developed his 1st invention. Little did I know he would take that product and then do millions and millions of dollars with his other inventions. Mark, became such a force in the world of marketing he oversaw our home shopping division for us and used his invention talents with our brands. We also partnered on some items together and turned those items into millions of dollars. If you get him out of retirement, get him while you can. Almost 30 years later and I can say, you have the best!”
Joe Sugarman
Chairman, JS&S (founder 800 # for marketing and worlds best copywriter)
In 1989, I was just launching what would become one of the top sports supplements ever to hit the market. I answered a classified advertisement in the local Orlando newspaper; Yes a classified ad. I wanted to purchase this business that was listed for sale ( which I purchased for cash that night in 6 figures). Little did I know, that phone call almost 30 years ago introduced me to my Brother Mark Schneider. We have done it all together and I have seen him go from a smart and savvy inventor to one of the top marketing guru's in the world. He was there for me and offered me so many incredible ideas to market my world famous line of sports supplements. His products and inventions have spurned so many millions of dollars in sales it will make your head spin. He has taken ideas that no one (including me) else dreamed possible and converted them into insane amounts of money. God gave Mark a tremendous gift. If he invents it and gets behind it, jump on it as fast as you can or be with the blind who can never figure it out.
Thomas Ciola
Entrepreneur, Copywriter
I have known Mark Schneider for close to 15 years. I 1st represented Mark's company for years and saw his genius firsthand in his products & designs. I later designed homes for he and Karen. Also, I saw the side that very few get inside, that is how he really cares and has second to none in integrity as it relates to people. I am proud to call him my big Brother. Anyone associated with him will be greatly rewarded not just as a successful business person but as a human being.
Mimi Bean
Entrepreneur, Culinary author & Design Extraordinaire
I 1st met Mark Schneider almost 25 years ago when I was in the personal training business. I had an idea for a product invention and through Mark's leadership and expertise took it from A to Z and can say all these years later I now have advanced into so many of my own products well beyond personal training into a world of personal health solutions. Mark's inventions are usually gold, jump on his team, he sees things that others do not and his products usually make everyone else very successful.
Dr. Joseph Christiano
Mark Schneider is one of the most creative, well connected and influential people I know. He has the skills, network and systems in place to bring any idea to market. He is a genius in the world of product development, product launch, direct response marketing and turning ideas into massive profits. I consider Mark a trusted advisor, mentor, colleague and friend. His influence and impact is felt across continents and industries. I'm always excited to see what Mark is going to create next and who I'm going to meet as a result of being connected with him.
Kevin Donahue
CEO Executive Sales Source
I have been around, known, represented and partnered with Mark for close to 30 years. When he asked me to join his Artunes team and be its President, I jumped immediately. I have seen products that no one else would invent or represent and Mark has this incredible gift to see when others cannot and turn his ideas into just millions and millions of dollars. I have represented small inventors and very large fortune 500 corporations and have collectively done well over a billion dollars in sales. No one has the vision Mark has for invention and unique understanding that consumers of all ages want, no one! There was zero convincing for me to get back on this exciting journey with him. I am also proud to call him a dear friend.
Frank Montemuro
President, TV Products International
Mark Schneider came back into my life after nearly 40 years. We grew up together side by side around age 5.. Mark read part of my life story chronicled in a book and knew there was more to my story. I was at a place of despair in my life when Mark wanted to do a feature film on a very personal side of my life. I thought " wow, great". Little did I know, he personally would write, fund, produce and make a spectacular feature film of the story of my life helping my Brother end his suffering. To Mark, maybe another one of his products, to me it was a spectacular sign of not forgetting where he came from and giving back when I really needed a friend. He has inspired me beyond words and helped me gain my self confidence in a world that sometimes can be really cruel. His movie about my Brother and I is from the heart and awe inspiring. It became a labor of love for him and I am blessed to have him make this film with his tremendous platform for viewing it while also helping others. He might be a great product guy, to me, he is still as we grew up, Marky.
Jim Miley
Film Consultant

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