I have known Mark Schneider, the creator of Artunes for about 30 years now. During my time at QVC, Mark was responsible for the creation, manufacturing and marketing of some of the channels most successful items airing in the US and abroad. He is a committed entrepreneur who is involved from concept to creation and beyond.
Sean Treacy
Former Vice President, QVC
If you know Mark Schneider’s background like I do for over 20 years, Jump In. All I can say is, he is the real deal. I give Mark the credit for being the impetus of my ELF marketing system. He may be the single best developer of consumer products I have ever met and has produced so many of them I lost track. He is also a Great Friend.
Joe Polish
Founder, The Genius Network
“ I met Mark Schneider in 1992 when he developed his 1st invention. Little did I know he would take that product and then do millions and millions of dollars with his other inventions. Mark, became such a force in the world of marketing he oversaw our home shopping division for us and used his invention talents with our brands. We also partnered on some items together and turned those items into millions of dollars. If you get him out of retirement, get him while you can. Almost 30 years later and I can say, you have the best!”
Joe Sugarman
Chairman, JS&S
I have known Mark Schneider for close to 15 years. I 1st represented Mark's company for years and saw his genius firsthand in his products & designs. I later designed homes for he and Karen. Also, I saw the side that very few get inside, that is how he really cares and has second to none in integrity as it relates to people. I am proud to call him my big Brother. Anyone associated with him will be greatly rewarded not just as a successful business person but as a human being.
Mimi Bean
Entrepreneur, Culinary author & Design Extraordinaire

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