Sir Richard Branson, Joe Polish and Mark Schneider

Sir RIchard and Joe speak about loyalty, determination, and Mark’s famous business model E.L.F. Easy, Lucritive and Fun

We live in a world, sometimes that is mean, not so kind or honest. Mark has had his fair share of experiences of this in his invention history. Many of his multi million dollar inventions were stolen from him. Past business articles discuss in detail many of the challenges he faced that tired him out of the invention and marketing business for years. He still has some of his inventions sitting in his office from years ago worth millions of dollars. He let them sit, because he got tired of getting ripped off. Rested, invigorated, not to be out forever, he recently returned to his true passion which is bringing his inventions to market for you and others. His best inventions are here today. With his expertise and those of the TVProducts team, they will bring you along the road of incredible revenues for you or your brand or help you start your own brand. Frank & Mark are the best team in the world to do this.

TVProducts International respects invention and originality not only with Mark’s inventions, but everyone. Please do the right thing….. and as Joe Polish says in the tape above while endorsing his good Friend Mark Schneider. “Don’t steal shXt from other people” One day it could happen to you, so be respectful and loyal. it is all about building successful relationships in the journey, not short term money.

If you want to consult with one of the best product originators in the world get a hold of Mark’s assistant (Link) and see if you have a product worth putting your money into. Mark assist(s) those who have ideas but do not know how to get those ideas from point A to point Z. He is a really rare guy who has done it all from product concept to end user customer fulfillment many many times over and over converting inventions of his and others into hugh amounts of money. He is not cheap, you are paying for the best. His 2 day consultation is $25,000.00 (not including your travel, but it does include lodging, meals & great wine at Mark’s estate) and that is only if you have a product he thinks has a chance of great success. He will not invite you or take your money unless he truly believes you might have something to bring to market. (Mark signs NDA’s in advance).

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